GEMS Logo and Graphics

The logos or images on this website are protected by copyright and any license to use will be granted only to active, registered churches and organizations, which have a current ministry agreement with GEMS Girls’ Clubs (Registered Organizations).

This is a legal and binding agreement between you and GEMS Girls’ Clubs, also GEMS Global, relating to use of any GEMS related websites, downloading of image files from a GEMS website, and temporary licensing of logos or images by GEMS Global to you.

By requesting use of any GEMS logos and images, you agree to the following:

  1. When you download logos or image files from this website or receive such image files from GEMS Girls’ Clubs through any other means, you agree to and accept all the terms of this Agreement.
  2. With your active registration, you are granted a one-year temporary license to use the GEMS Girls’ Club logo and images for promotional materials associated with your club, such as fliers, bulletins, brochures, newsletters, small posters or banners, web and social media pages. T-shirts with the GEMS Girls’ Club logo only is permitted provided the logo usage guidelines are appropriately followed.
    Download the GEMS Girls’ Clubs Logo Usage Guidelines
    Download the GEMS Girls’ Clubs Brand Colors and Fonts Guidelines
  3. GEMS logos and images, including any curricula related logos/images, may not be used on any other item or products without expressed written permission from GEMS Global. A licensing fee will apply in most cases. Products include, but are not limited to, mugs, recipe books, special recognition awards, keychains, pens, etc. Complete the form below and send your request form to finance(at)gemsgc.org.
    Download the License Permission Request Form 
  4. All logos and images are licensed under the terms and conditions as contained herein. All copyrights are retained by GEMS Global. Failure to comply with any of the provisions of this agreement may result in immediate revocation of the temporary license granted.
  5. You agree not to use any image in a defamatory manner or context, either by changing it or by any accompanying text. In the event you utilize any image in a manner inconsistent with that allowed by this agreement, GEMS Global reserves the right to seek injunctive relief and/or damages through legal channels.
  6. If your church or organization ceases to be a Registered Organization or if requested by GEMS Global, you agree that you will immediately discontinue use and remove from your possession any or all GEMS Girls’ Clubs logos and images obtained by any means, including club/church website or social media pages.
  7. You agree to hold GEMS Global harmless from any and all claims and expenses arising from your use of a logo or image. GEMS Global reserves the right not to permit the reproduction of a logo or image for any reason whatsoever.

Member Clubs only may DOWNLOAD GEMS LOGOS.