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LOVED. Period. Curriculum Sample Lesson

  • Awareness Level Grades 1-3
  • Discovery Level Grades 4-6
  • Advanced Level Grades 7-8
  • Grades 1-3
  • Grades 4-6
  • Grades 7-8

Grades 1-3

The LOVED. curriculum is the foundational Curriculum for all GEMS Clubs. It will be accessible to all clubs in their first year of GEMS. We don’t want a single girl to miss the many faith-building activities for girls! Available for GEMS Clubs and for Non-Member purchasing.

Additional curriculum and activities for girls are available for registered GEMS Club for this level.

  • God’s Kids – God’s Kids looks at the lives of ten children from the Bible through a variety of activities, questions, and games!
  • Clothes Designed by Jesus – Based on Colossians 3:12-17, each completely revised lesson teaches girls about a different Christ-like quality like kindness or gentleness.
  • Women of Faith – Girls will love learning about Elizabeth, Ruth, Esther, Mary, and other women of faith. Each lesson offers multiple activities that help them engage the story and connect it to their own lives.
  • Hearts Reaching Up to God – By examining the life of Jesus, this curriculum highlights the relationship between God and His people.
  • Kingdom Girl – Stories of Jesus  –  Through these vibrant lessons, girls will journey through 12 of Jesus’ parables as they answer the questions, “What does this tell me about who God is?” and “How should I respond?”

Information Packet and Startup Request


Roles & Responsibilities

Each GEMS Club has a variety of volunteer needs. Each club will need a Club Coordinator and Leaders. Online training is available through GEMS ReFresh.  Other volunteers may serve to fit the needs of your club. Here are some examples:

Club Coordinator (required)

  • Primary club organizer who recruits volunteers, creates a schedule and budget, orders supplies, and communicates with church/Christian organization to assure Membership Agreement is being fulfilled
  • Serves as the team leader by fostering the development of warm, caring, supportive relationships among all volunteers
  • Supports parents with ongoing communication and hosting events to engage families i.e. father/daughter nights, mother/daughter teas, etc.
  • Ensures volunteers have the opportunity for training through GEMS ReFresh and the GEMS Conference
  • Creates a supportive and prayerful atmosphere for all volunteers and girls

Club Co-Coordinator

  • Supports, or is a team with, the Club Coordinator in organizing and leading the club based on individual gifts and calling. Communication as co-coordinators is key
  • Helps Club Coordinator in recruiting volunteers
  • Attends regular training with Club Coordinator and encourages all volunteers to participate in training (GEMS ReFresh and GEMS Conference)

GEMS Leader (required)

  • Is the primary mentor for a group of 6-8 girls
  • Leads small group time
  • Reviews the lessons each week and prayerfully prepares
  • Prays for her girls throughout the week

Worship Leader

  • Selects songs for each club night’s opening time
  • Leads worship time at the beginning of club
  • Could also lead the opening devotional

Craft Leader

  • Plans and prepares crafts for each club night
  • Directs the girls through the crafts

Prayer Partner

  • Commits to praying for the leaders and girls in club
  • Might be available during club to pray with girls as needed
  • Might attend meetings to pray over the leaders