Faith & Fun for Girls

Build her Faith in a
Girl-Friendly, Fun Way!

Featuring fun faith-filled devotions tailored to speak directly to girls, every ShineBrightly Activity Box will make the Bible understandable and enjoyable! We want every girl to know God’s love for her and what better way to do that than faith-filled devotions that speak directly to her! Because we know that when your girl truly believes she is who God says she is, she will light up with confidence and shine brightly!


Each ShineBrightly Activity Box is packed with love and carefully designed with girls in mind:

  • Hands-on activities that she’ll enjoy
  • Easy to complete on her own
  • Crafts, games, and recipes that will keep her occupied for hours
  • Plus, extra-fun surprises she’s sure to love


Each box intentionally features seasonal devotions and encouraging content that will connect your girl to God, her family, and friends. Through each box she’ll discover more about who God is, and what He says about her.

Fun, Fun, & More Fun

GEMS guides thousands of girls’ faith development through mentoring relationships and Truth-filled resources. We know girls and we know that girls delight in a little fun. So, we factored that in and think she’ll have more than a little fun.

Convenient & Fast

Maybe you just want to check it out and purchase a single box to start—GREAT! Seasonal boxes will be ready in the spring, summer, fall, and winter.