U & ME Conversations: LOVED.

Tween girls are asking…

  • Who am I?
  • Who likes me?
  • Does anyone see or know me?

Anxiety lifts and fears dissipate when someone looks her in the eyes and helps her understand that she is LOVED. Period.

Mom, you are that person. God picked you to pour His love and Truth into your girl. And good news, you’re not alone.

The LOVED. U & ME Conversations Kit will provide all the content you need to remind your girl of the Truth that she is seen, known, and so very LOVED. Period.

Through authentic and fun-filled conversations, relationships will be strengthened, lifelong memories will be made, and tween girls will stand tall in the unshakable Truth that no matter what, they are LOVED.


♥ Explore God’s Word together.
♥ Affirm that your girl is known, seen, valued, and loved.
♥ Strengthen your relationship with your tween girl.
♥ Create memories through fun-filled conversations.
♥ Provide opportunities to put your faith into action.



The LOVED. U & ME Conversations Kit will explore girls’ desire and need to be loved. The kit comes with all the resources you need to get started. And, if you have additional daughters or girls who want to participate, you can purchase additional Girl Guides, or other items to round out your kit.


♥ A Grown-Up Guide
♥ A Girl Guide
LOVED. Spiral-Bound Notebook
LOVED. Coloring Pencils
LOVED. Shoelaces
LOVED. Stickers
♥ Fun! Quizzes, Games, & Activities
♥ And more!

Are you ready to intentionally invest in your relationship and your tween girls faith-development? We’re here to help, let’s go!



These days it’s easy to connect to devices, but it’s much harder to really connect with each other. That’s why the U & ME Conversations Kit is so valuable! You’ll find everything you need to start a fun, Truth-filled, heart to heart conversation with your girl. I am so excited to be diving into this creative, one-of-a-kind study with my daughter!
Arlene Pellicane, speaker and author of Parents Rising and 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom


It’s hard to create mom-and-daughter moments that count. GEMS does everything for you…providing what you need to build a foundation of love with your girl. Not just your love, but the greatest love of all … God’s.
Lynn Cowell, author of Loved & Cherished and Brave Beauty & member of the Proverbs 31 Ministries speaking and writing teams


WOW. The new GEMS U & ME Conversations Kit is a must-have for parents and leaders everywhere. Friends, this is a discipleship tool made just for this generation of girls!
Lee Nienhuis, speaker and author of Counterculture Parenting and Brave Moms, Brave Kids


Connecting with your tween daughter can be challenging, but it’s crucial! I can move forward in confidence as I invest in my daughters and point them toward God’s love.
Katie M. Reid, Masters in Secondary Ed., author of Made Like Martha, and mom of five


As a professional family counselor, I love equipping parents to connect with their kids in an authentic way that opens hearts and creates secure attachment. The U & ME Conversations Kit will do that!
Michelle Nietert, M.A., LPC-S, Author of Loved & Cherished and Clinical Director, Community Counseling Associates





Moms, you can do this! God chose you to guide your girl in her faith-journey. This study provides all the tools you need to intentionally connect, laugh, and create life-long memories together.