Vi Bella Jewelry (US)

Vi Bella means Beautiful Life. Vi Bella’s mission is to provide life-changing employment to artisans in Haiti and Mexico, making their lives, families, and communities more beautiful. Artisans creates jewelry, clothing, totes, and more, using sustainable, recycled, and locally sourced materials. While creating beautiful products, they create more than jewelry and accessories. They are building bridges across cultures and creating a path out of poverty.


Vi Bella Jewelry offers a fun and easy answer to your fundraising needs. When you choose Vi Bella, not only are you earning a great profit on your sales, you are empowering families to stay together by supporting our job-creation mission in Haiti and Mexico. Our core verse is Micah 6:8 and we believe that love, justice and mercy are tangible in our work centers where over 60 artisans earn steady income.

We offer your GEMS Club the ability to purchase select pieces at wholesale pricing, which you can, in turn, sell to supporters at our suggested retail price or your desired price. With handmade jewelry, bags, and home decor, we offer something for everyone, including the ability to give back twice – to you and our artisans.