Each year GEMS selects a passage of Scripture and develops a theme around that Scripture to make the passage come alive for the girls. Bible studies, service projects, crafts, games, and other fun activities help teach the truth of God’s Word found in the theme. This year’s theme is LOVED. Period and focuses on 1 John 3:1.

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! (1 John 3:1)

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Club Care FAQ

What songs do you use for Club/GEMS Sunday?

Check out the Online Resources within each curriculum for great song ideas for worship during club or for GEMS Sunday.

What do you do for GEMS Sunday?

Member Clubs have full access to GEMS Sunday resources. Contact hello@gemsgc.org to confirm your membership status and receive access.

How do you recruit GEMS leaders? Thank leaders?

What do you do for your Christmas party?

Check out GEMS curriculum for great ideas for a GEMS Christmas party.

What do you do for season kickoff/closing?

Check out the Large Group Resource Book! Lesson One includes many great ideas for season kickoff. Use elements from the Monthly Fun Nights or the Family Celebration for a great closing night program.

My church can’t afford GEMS materials. Is there support available?

  • We understand that not all churches or Christian organizations will always be able to afford GEMS curriculum. In response, GEMS offers the Support-a-Club Scholarship through the Sisterhood Fund.
    • Clubs may apply for the GEMS Support-A-Club Scholarship to assist with a portion of a club’s expenses for one year. This may include reduced curriculum costs and/or assistance in meeting annual dues and offering obligations.
  • Club Coordinators can request assistance by calling the Global Office or fill out Support-A-Club form and email it to hello@gemsgc.org.
  • If you are interested in supporting the Sisterhood Fund, please contact the Global Office.

What do you do for year end/parent fun night?

Check out the great end of year fun nights included in the Annual Theme Resource Book. The evening includes a devotional, and ideas for each age group to show what they’ve learned throughout the year.

Where did the theme banner go?

A volunteer previously made GEMS banners for clubs who requested it each year. After years of service, she has retired from making banners. Clubs are free to make their own banner. Or check out our Theme materials for a poster.

How do you display your badges?

There are many options to display your badges! Within the GEMS Store, we sell scrapbooks, blue scarves, and white scarves. Some clubs choose to display badges on tote bags or find their own creative way to display badges.

Where do I find the parent letter, activities, pictures of crafts, etc.?

The parent letter is included in the Online Resources. Activities are included in the Large Group Resource Book, including service projects and fun nights. Pictures of the crafts are available on the GEMS Pinterest board.

Where do I find the theme song and lyrics?

The Theme Song is available within the Online Resources or within a Curriculum Starter Kit. 

Where do I find the Bible lesson?

The Large Group Bible Lessons are found in the Large Group Resource Book for each lesson. The Small Group Leader’s Guide contains everything a leader needs to facilitate a meaningful small group time, including a welcome activity, Bible memory work, discussion questions, leaders’ helps for the GEMS Journals (girls’ lessons), craft instructions, and prayer guides. Girls’ Lessons are the GEMS Journals. Engaging and interactive age-appropriate girls’ lessons including discussion questions, quizzes, Bible memory games, activities, and a poster.

Where is the GEMS Girls’ Clubs logo? The theme logo?

The GEMS logo is available for download in our Resources section here. The Theme logo is available within the Online Resources for each curriculum.

How or what do you use to promote your club in your community? To parents?

GEMS has many promotional materials available! You may find promotional materials in our store here. Items available include community fliers, brochures, and a promotional poster. You may also direct parents and the community to the Why GEMS page on our website.

Where do I find the offering form?

Your offering is due to the Global Office by December 31 of each year. The offering form is mailed to Club Coordinators each August. If you do not have your offering form, click here to download one or call us at 616.616.4367  or email hello@gemsgc.org.

What is the dues rate? Where is a dues form?

Dues are $4 per girl annually, due to the Global Office by November 15 each year. The dues form is available to Club Coordinators in the August mailing each year or on our Club Coordinator page. If you do not have the dues form, check out the Club Coordinator page or call us at 616.616.4367  or email hello@gemsgc.org.

Where do I update my leader list?

The GEMS Global Office sends a form to Club Coordinators each summer that must be completed and returned by the end of September. If you have lost your form or need to make additional changes, please call us at 616.616.4367 or email hello@gemsgc.org.


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