Micah Road Mysteries

Full Name: Chloe Patterson

Nickname: My brother calls me Go Go Chlo.
Favorite school subjects: English and lunch
Siblings: Younger brother, Jake
Hobbies: Tennis, Soccer, and swimming
Favorite Health Food: Sweet potatoes
Favorite junk food: Cookie dough
Likes: Being with friends
Dislikes: Being alone
Fears: June bugs
Sweet or Salty: Sweet
Favorite animal: Tigers
Snow or Sun? Sun
Favorite color: Purple




Full Name: Tasha Winthrop

Nickname: Tase
Favorite school subjects: Science and Math
Siblings: None
Hobbies: Plays piano and violin
Favorite Health Food: Sugar snap peas
Favorite junk food: Cheesecake
Likes: Listening to music
Dislikes: Being late
Fears: Snakes
Sweet or Salty: Salty
Favorite animal: Dogs
Snow or Sun? Snow
Favorite color: Blue




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