Mission Matters – Fall 2023

Learn and listen to Delilah’s story. Your generosity is making a difference.

My name is Delilah and I’m ten. I’m in fifth grade and have two brothers. I like art; I like to cook. I like hanging out with my family and having fun together. I’ve been in GEMS for four years.

My favorite thing about GEMS is that I like all the worship and the songs that we do. I have fun going up in front and showing the other girls how to do the motions.

GEMS teaches me to have hope because God is there for me when I need Him, and that even if I don’t think He’s answering my prayers, He is–it’s just kind of behind the scenes.

My GEMS Club helps girls belong in so many ways. One of them that really stands out to me is how the leaders come up to us as we’re leaving, give us hugs, and tell us to “have a great week.”

GEMS helps me grow by making just a ton of friends and meeting new people, and it definitely helps me get closer to girls in my church and some adults in my church.

Something that makes GEMS really, really special to me is that girls learn about how much love they really have, and even if they don’t have that much at home, that people are showing and giving them, they have a lot of love at GEMS that can definitely help them. And a lot of girls really need to know that they’re loved! Watch Delilah in action here.

Because of you, Delilah and girls everywhere have a welcoming, safe, & fun place to belong and be loved.

Dear Friend,

I recently spent time with Debbie Liccar, a GEMS Club Leader from the Chicagoland area. Debbie has been serving in a GEMS Club for nearly 30 years, and currently leads three local clubs. Debbie’s story is a powerful reminder of why we—you, me, and the GEMS ministry—do what we do.

Take a quick watch here.

Friend, did you notice how GEMS is reaching out into new places and spaces, including schools and community centers? Your gifts, your support, and your prayers are helping reach even more girls and impact their lives with the Gospel. You did this!

Thank you for being a change-maker in the lives of girls. The difference you’re making matters for eternity. And that is good news!

Serving Together,

Cindy Bultema

GEMS Executive Director

P.S. As you read the stories and updates in this newsletter, please know that you are making this possible. We couldn’t do this without you!


Have you heard about ReFyne? It’s a fun, faith-filled digital space developed by GEMS for tween girls. From quizzes and recipes to daily devotions, ReFyne equips girls to shine-on as they step out into their world and make a difference for God.

“I have suggested the ReFyne app to many of my girls’ friends, other moms, and teachers. Thank you for creating such a great resource for this next generation of girls.” –Alicia, mom of girls ages 8 & 10

Available for Apple, Android, and Amazon devices.           Download today! 


One percent of young people have a biblical worldview.1

As Christians, it’s alarming to read research stating the younger a person is, the less biblical worldview they adhere to. This statistic has been dropping over the past few years, but now pollsters say the biblical worldview stands at 1% among younger people.

According to George Barna, “Young people, in particular, are largely isolated from biblical thought in our society…. Facilitating a return to biblical thinking and living in America will take an intentional, strategic, and consistent effort.” 1

This is what GEMS is doing about it…

Not surprisingly, the GEMS team saw this as an opportunity to serve girls well. Girls are being bombarded on all sides by differing worldviews and will have fewer and fewer opportunities to learn about God and His love for them.

We know that for girls to know and understand God’s love and practice it in their lives, they need His word in their hearts. Memorizing scripture and knowing God’s word is foundational to growing disciples and fostering a biblical worldview. Recognizing this truth, the GEMS team created a simple and strategic pattern to help girls, and their grown-ups, read and memorize God’s word.

GEMS’ A to Z Memory Verse Challenge is delivered to any girl, or their grown-up, with an email address. We launched the challenge campaign in January 2023 with the intent of continuing all the way through December. It’s a big, ongoing project for our staff with 26 unique Bible verses and coloring pages beautifully designed and delivered every two weeks. One week features a verse connected to a letter of the alphabet and the next week’s email contains a coloring sheet corresponding to the verse. This pattern repeats all year long filling up the year’s calendar.

Girls, moms and dads, grandmas, mentors, and more are engaged!

The comments and photos we’re getting from girls participating have been so uplifting. Life change happens when we memorize God’s Word.

1 www.arizonachristian.edu/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/CRC_AWVI2023_Release1.pdf

Thank you to each sponsor, donor, and supporter for making GEMS’ events over this past year extra special: