The GEMS need is critical this year. Your best gift to help us reach our $308,000 projected shortfall will help sustain the mission to reach more girls with the Truth that they are LOVED.

There are many challenges this year:

It’s True! COVID has been immensely challenging for our girls. We see it in their eyes and in recent 2020 reports: 

  • 79% of girls report that they feel more lonely or isolated than before COVID*
  • 58% of girls say they are uncertain or scared about their future*
  • 25% of girls report that they are sad or depressed four or more days per week*

COVID has also greatly impacted the GEMS ministry:

  • Essential ministry fundraisers have been canceled
  • Churches have been unable to send offerings
  • Clubs abruptly closed their doors and merchandise sales are down
  • Budgets have been slashed, and slashed again
  • Staff positions have been eliminated
  • Overall donations and giving have decreased



“GEMS is one big happy family where I have been taught about the Word of God. I think GEMS is an amazing organization that’s changing the world by teaching girls about who they are and who God wants them to be.” —Savannah, Ontario (pictured) 

I love GEMS because I get to sing and dance for Jesus. I get to be with my friends and do fun crafts. I have learned that I am LOVED. I am learning that even though you can’t see God or Jesus, they are still my friends. God and Jesus can become friends with my friends too.” —Moriah, Illinois