Why Attend?

“I’ve been to a lot of women’s Conferences; from Beth Moore to Women of Faith, to educational work-related events. Nothing, and I mean, NOTHING, compares to a GEMS Conference. What happens at a GEMS Leadership Conference is unlike any other event I’ve attended. I came to this event thinking it would be just another event and I’d go home on a momentary high. I’m changed. The love that is expressed and felt here by EVERYONE is genuine. The GEMS ministry is so heart-felt in their desire to equip and encourage us. The sisters-in-Christ around me have enfolded and encouraged me in one-on-one conversations in the lunch room to group conversations during our workshops. I’ve not experienced this before. I’m forever, humbly changed. I experienced love, worship, whispers from God, and encouragement from others that I will take home to leak out into the world. Every GEMS counselor should attend. Those aren’t just words – it’s a full heart bursting with desire for others to experience this event.”



The heartbeat of the GEMS Conference is God. He is the reason we gather in worship. His love for girls is the motivation for encouraging every GEMS counselor to love girls with bigger hearts. The way He lavishes compassion, patience, forgiveness, and grace is why attendees are challenged to model His life and walk in His steps. Within the Leadership Conference community we gather to worship, to learn, to love, and encourage one another.

Will you show up? He does. He is waiting. Come discover what it means to Walk In His Steps.


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