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Red Hot Faith Participant Guide by Cindy Bultema

If you’re tired of being pulled into a swirling, lukewarm routine of life that keeps you from experiencing God’s best, Red Hot Faith is for you. Join Cindy as she takes you and your group on an exciting journey to the land of the Bible to explore the early church of Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-22). Just like us, the people in that church struggled with trying to “juggle it all” and moving out of their comfort zones.

Through Red Hot Faith, Cindy will help you:

Turn up the heat on lukewarm living, and ignite a sizzling faith life
Recognize patterns, habits, and attitudes that seek to steal or replace passion for God
Replace negative self-talk with new “nametags” of Truth
Discover meaning and purpose in the mundane, messy, and everyday moments of life
Implement new easy strategies and tips for fueling the fire of your faith
*Due to publisher price increases the new price for the book is $14.99 USD and $21.99 CAD


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