You Can Do It!

SHINE brightly: Why is it important to know how to fix something that you can pay someone else to do?

J&E: It’s important that kids today know how to be confident, capable, and kind. For girls, that means doing things only boys did in the past. When a girl fixes a flat tire or grills a steak on her own, she proves she is just as capable as boys at doing those things.

Knowing how to do something on your own also gives you a lot of confidence. Having confidence is one of the kindest things a girl can do for herself. When a girl is confident, she acts differently. She is kinder and gentler with herself. She can also share her skills with others and build them up, too.

SHINE brightly: What is your favorite tip from the book or the one you enjoyed writing the most?

J&E: It depends on the day! But seriously, our favorite tip from the book changes with every girl who writes to us. When we hear about a girl who learned that drinking more water helped her skin, then that becomes our favorite tip. The next day, when we hear about how respectfully breaking up with a boy saved a girl from hurt feelings, that tip becomes our favorite. Basically, all 100 skills in our Girls’ Guide are our favorite. Each and every one is important for a different reason. We want girls to do more than just survive in life. We want them to thrive.


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