What Is Integrity?

What does it mean to have integrity?

That’s a big word! Let’s start with an example. Read the story below and then circle the option you would choose.

Imagine you get home from school one day and see your favorite cookies on the counter. They look SO good! You’re about to grab one when you see a note that says, “For school bake sale. Do not eat.” You’re hungry and want to take one SO badly, even though you shouldn’t. What do you do?

A.    Take a cookie. No one will know the difference!

B.     Wait until the next day at the bake sale, and grab one when no one is looking. They’re your cookies, really, so it doesn’t matter if you get one now or at home later.

C.     Don’t take a cookie. Even if no one would notice, you were told not to take one, so you won’t.


What did you pick? Which one do you think shows integrity?

Integrity (noun): to do the right thing even when no one’s looking

So, which choice showed integrity? Not A, because you took a cookie when you were told not to. B doesn’t show integrity either, because you still were asked to wait until the cookies came home before you took one. C is the best choice, because you did the right thing even when no one was watching. That’s integrity!



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