Valentine’s Day Mad Lib

Try this Valentine’s Day Mad Lib with your family or friends. First, ask them for the word you need to fill in each blank. When the blanks are filled, read the story out loud. Laugh together as you read this silly story.


Once upon a time in a(n) ________ (size) town, there lived a tiny ________ (animal #1). His name was  ________(silly name #1). ________(silly name #1) was a ________(job) and that kept him very busy. He didn’t have many friends. One day, he met a(n) ________(animal #2) named ________(silly name #2) who became his neighbor. ________(silly name #1) wanted to be her best friend. He wanted to give her a ________(gift) and play ________(game you play at recess) with her all day long. But ________(silly name #2) was busy at her job as a ________(job) and they only saw each other when they passed on the street. Before long, it was almost Valentine’s Day and ________(silly name #1) wanted to ask his neighbor, ________(question) and also, will you be my Valentine? But how?

________(silly name #1) thought and thought. Finally, he decided he would go ________(funny action #1) on her door. But when he opened the door, he saw ________ (silly name #2) about to ________(funny action #1) his own door! They both stared at each other for a long time. Then, ________ (silly name #2) gave ________ (silly name #1) a card. It read,

Roses are________(color #1)
Violets are________(color #2)
Poems are hard,
Will you be mine?

________(silly name #1) smiled and gave ________ (silly name #2) his card. It read,

Knock, knock
Who’s there?
________(thing #1)
________(thing #1) who?

What do you mean,________(thing #1) who? It’s your Valentine!

________(silly name #2) smiled and gave ________(silly name #1) a hug. At last, the two were friends.


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