Think Outside the Box

You might have heard the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” But lunch is important, too! Getting protein, fruits, and vegetables in your lunch can make all the difference in how you do in school. Eating right won’t magically change your grades, but it can help you focus better on your schoolwork. When you eat unhealthy food, or don’t eat at lunch at all, your brain has to focus more on taking care of your body than on helping you in class. Getting good grades is hard enough without adding food problems to the mix!

Even if you know how important eating healthy is, deciding what to have for lunch, or for any meal of the day, is never easy. It can especially be tough to make healthy choices if you’re running late. For a few easy tips to help you eat well, check out the tips in our lunchbox. These tips could be game changers for you!

5 Tips for Eating Right

Break It Down

Try splitting your food into sections for your next lunch. Instead of having a bowl of something you finish in less than a minute, go for items that take longer to eat, like grapes or pretzels. Eating those things one at a time will also give your stomach the chance to tell you when it’s full. Plus, who doesn’t love unpacking a bunch of cute little snack boxes from their lunch box?

Keep It Real

One of the worst things for your body is food that isn’t natural. Those foods are things like potato chips and store-bought sweets. Instead of eating that stuff, try switching to naturally sweet or salty treats. Bake potato slices with salt instead of    eating potato chips, or have a pear instead of a donut.

Mix It Up

Having the same lunch every day can get boring. But there’s no need for a boring lunch when there’s so much out there for you to try. Instead of always packing what you know you like, try packing a few things you haven’t had before. You never know what fun, healthy new snack you’ll find! 

Plan Ahead

If you’re in a rush, it’s easy to pick a fast, but less healthy choice for lunch. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead. The next time you make yourself a lunch, pack up a few more things you can take later that week. Then, if you run out of time a few days later, you have some items already packed.

Treat Yo’ Self

Always remember the phrase, “everything in moderation.” Following this advice means you don’t fill your whole lunch with goldfish, because that would be too much of one
But it also means not taking goldfish out of your
lunch forever.
Let yourself have one cookie or a
piece of candy with lunch. It will satisfy your need
for sugar, but won’t get you in the habit of eating
tons of sweets every day.


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