Swimming with Heart

Sometimes, things don’t work out the way we want. We have great plans for learning a new hobby, or winning a talent show, and it just doesn’t happen. It can be easy to get frustrated with God when things don’t go our way. And it really hurts when it’s painful or hard, like a loved one getting sick or parents divorcing.

However, God promises that He’s got a plan bigger and better than we can imagine. It might be hard for us to see it now. But someday, we’ll look back and realize how God was working the whole time.

Meet Hillary. Hillary is someone who knows about life not going as planned. When Hillary was 17 years old, doctors told her she had a problem with her heart. Before that, Hillary was an amazing swimmer. She had been swimming since she was five years old. But with the heart problem, she wasn’t allowed to swim anymore. Hillary was so disappointed.

For a while, Hillary struggled with this change in her plans. How can God do this to me, and take away something I love so much? She often thought. Hillary loved swimming. Why would God give her a talent, just to take it away?


Read more about Hillary’s journey in your February issue of SHINE brightly!


Photo courtesy of Noah PreFontaine Photography

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