Seven Months

By Sherry Kyle

Illustration by Jennifer Kalis


“We’re engaged!” Mom held up her hand. A sparkly diamond ring shimmered in the light that hung above the restaurant’s table.

It had been five years since my dad passed away, and it was about time my mom found someone to love. Daniel was great for my mom, and I liked hanging out with him. But Daniel was a package deal, which meant that my mom wasn’t just marrying him. She was marrying his family, and that included my arch-nemesis: Mia.

And now, she was going to be my sister.

I glanced across the table where Mia sat eating her salad, her mouth open in shock. Great, I thought, rolling my eyes. This is going to be a disaster.

Mia shrieked. “Already? But you’ve only been dating ten months!” The horrified look on her face said all I needed to know. Mia clearly wasn’t happy with the situation.

“Mia!” Daniel scolded.

She slunk in her seat.

I grabbed my mom’s hand and looked closely at her ring. Four small diamonds wrapped around a big one. “Congratulations!” I forced a grin, hoping to get Mia on board with the engagement. After all, my mom hadn’t been this happy in years.

Mom smiled. “Thank you, Lily. We’re excited.” She turned toward Daniel, then glanced at Mia, her smile fading.

Daniel furrowed his brows. “We’re thinking of a June wedding, after school is out for the summer.”

Maybe by then Mia and I would come to an understanding and get along. I didn’t know if it was possible, but I’d try, even if it meant I had to be nice to her the rest of the school year.

Daniel nudged Mom’s arm. “Tell them the best part.”

“The wedding is going to be in Hawaii!” Mom clapped her hands together and gave me a sideways hug.

“Yes!” I pumped a fist.

Mia rolled her eyes. “What’s the big deal? We go to Hawaii every summer.”

I crinkled my nose. Must be nice!

“Where are Lily and her mom going to live after you get married? At our house?” Mia moaned.

“We’ll talk about it later.” Daniel picked up his fork and stabbed at his steak.

Mom and I had a two-bedroom apartment while Daniel and Mia had a big house with a swimming pool. Obviously, we couldn’t live in our small apartment. I shuddered at the thought of sharing a room with the only girl in my class who I disliked more than Brussels sprouts and anchovies!


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