Saving Tiny

“Daisy, it’s time to get up. Let’s go!”

I yawned and rubbed my sleepy eyes. Then I remembered. It was turtle day!

My brother Will was already in the car by the time I raced out the front door. We high-fived and Dad passed me a muffin. I could hardly wait to get to the beach!

As Mom reminded us of the safety rules, I thought back to last year’s turtle day. It was so fun watching all the little sea turtles hurrying toward the ocean, their tiny flippers flopping against the sand.

“Mom, we already know all this stuff. You tell it to us every year,” Will said, rolling his eyes. Will was almost a teenager. He rolled his eyes a lot. But I had to agree with him. We were turtle experts!

“I know, Will, but I want to make sure you remember everything, okay?” Mom said, handing us both red flashlights. “You are there to help keep the turtles safe and make sure they get to the ocean. Too many sea turtles don’t make it because of city lights and other things that get them confused. Do not be part of the problem.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Will and I said together.

When we got to the beach, Will and I jumped out of the car and ran to find our Aunt Charlotte. Aunt Charlotte helped with the turtles every year. She was trained and given a turtle nest to watch. When the turtles started hatching from their eggs, Aunt Charlotte would call us to come see.

“Look!” Will shouted as the first turtle popped out of the sand. We cheered and watched it flop toward the ocean.

“There go a few more,” Aunt Charlotte said, smiling. The tiny turtles were so cute!

I followed one turtle down the beach and giggled as it splashed into the water. But then I saw another turtle, only this one wasn’t moving quite right. I walked closer.

“Little turtle? Are you okay?”


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