PK Detectives and the Gossip Caper

by Caryn Rivadeneira, Illustrations by Elisa Chavarri

Maria closed her locker and looked hard at the group of boys nearby. Ingrid shook her head.

“Do you believe what they’re saying?” Ingrid asked her.

“No,” Maria replied. “Ms. Frank getting fired for stealing books from the library? Ridiculous.”

Maria stomped up to the group.

“Who told you this stuff about Ms. Frank?”

“Austin told us at the bus stop,” Sam replied.

“No way it’s true,” Ingrid said. “Ms. Frank is the nicest teacher in the whole school.”

Sam shrugged. “If you’re sure, why don’t you grab your magnifying glasses and go ask her, detectives?”

The boys around Sam snickered. Everyone in their class knew Ingrid and Maria had made up their very own detective agency, called PK, or Pastor’s Kid, Detectives, to help with solving pretend cases. Up until now, they hadn’t ever had a real case. But with this mystery, maybe the PK Detectives had a shot at solving a real mystery!

Ingrid scrunched her eyebrows at the boys.

“What’s so funny about us being detectives?” she asked, taking a step forward.

“Nothing,” Sam said, smirking. “If you think it’s still cool to play Nancy Drew.”

Sam and the other boys laughed loudly, while Ingrid’s hands turned to fists. Maria quickly stepped in and pulled Ingrid away from the boys.

“Whatever, laugh all you want,” she said. “We’re going to Ms. Frank’s office to look for clues. We’ll see what you think of us playing Nancy Drew when we crack this case.”

Though some of the boys still laughed, a few actually looked impressed. After all, going to Ms. Frank’s office was the foundation for most school dares. Ms. Frank might be the nicest teacher in school, but she had the scariest office. The dark, deserted hallway leading to her office was pretty spooky. The flickering lights, giant cobwebs, and ropes swinging beneath rickety catwalks would make anyone shiver.

But the girls had a few minutes before the first bell, and knew this was their best shot at getting answers. So, with a few deep breaths, they crept down the hallway toward Ms. Frank’s office.

“Lights are off,” Ingrid said when they got to the door. “And the door is locked.”

“Look,” said Ingrid. She pointed at an envelope slipped under the door. “Yesterday’s Student News. Ms. Frank hasn’t been here.”

But before Maria could reply, a light flickered and fell dark. Ingrid looked at Maria with wide eyes.

“We should get out of here,” she said, and the two dashed back to the main hallway. They didn’t stop to breathe until they reached their lockers.

“So, what’s next?” Maria finally asked, her eyes sparkling.

“You can’t be serious. You want to keep investigating?” Ingrid asked.

“Of course. Nancy Drew never let a little scare set her back,” Maria grinned. “Besides. Now we know there’s a case for sure. And I think it’s time we talked to Austin and got the real story.”


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