Kenya Connection

Dr. Munyiva Kitavi loves helping children in Kenya, Africa, learn about Jesus. “My passion is working with children, especially orphans and needy children,” she says with a wide smile.

As Dr. Munyiva prayed about how to help girls, she thought about GEMS Girls’ Clubs. GEMS is a global organization that shows girls what it means to live God-honoring lives. In parts of Kenya, girls face dangers to their bodies and may have to get married before they turn 18, but Dr. Munyiva knows when girls and their families learn about Jesus, everything changes.

Dr. Munyiva has started GEMS Clubs in towns across the southern part of Kenya. Now, there are over 200 girls in clubs in six towns in Kenya! Parents from one club asked
Dr. Munyiva, “Why didn’t you bring this to us earlier?”

This year, SHINE brightly is raising money to help these clubs. Our goal is to raise $20,000!

As we raise money this year, we’ll be helping women start new clubs and supporting girls already attending GEMS. This season in SHINE, we will get to know some of the girls, learn about their country, and hear what God is doing in their clubs.

So what can YOU do?

We know when you decide to do something, it’s going to get done. SHINE readers are some of the most giving and loving girls! Together, we can make a big difference in the world.


Pray for our sisters in Kenya and for the grownups working to start clubs for them.

Help us raise money to support GEMS Clubs in Kenya!

Our goal is $20,000.

Here are some ideas:
Collect change
Host a bake sale
Find small jobs your family or neighbors might be willing to pay you for—can you babysit, rake leaves, shovel snow, weed a garden, pet sit, or get someone’s mail while they’re on a trip? Ask your family for ideas!
When you’ve collected your change, send it to:

In the US:

GEMS in Kenya
1333 Alger St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

In Canada:

GEMS in Kenya
PO Box 1100
Norwich, ON
Canada N0J 1P0

Say it in Swahili!

Learn how to speak Swahili with Dr. Munyiva!

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