Food for Thought

Illustration by Christina Brown

Kaitlyn used to not like lunchtime at school. But everything is different now. Now, she has a friend to sit with. At least, she hopes Kendra will be her friend!

At lunch, Kaitlyn wiggles over so there’s room for Kendra, too.

“Kendra, I saved you a seat!” Kaitlyn calls, waving wildly.

Kendra sees Kaitlyn and smiles. She walks over, but doesn’t sit down. Kendra wonders if something is wrong. Then their teacher pulls out a wipe and cleans
Kendra’s spot at the table. Kendra carefully sits, leaving space between her and Kaitlyn. That’s weird, Kaitlyn thinks, but she’s too afraid to ask Kendra about it. Instead, she tries to move closer to Kendra. Kendra leans away.

Maybe she just likes her space, Kaitlyn thinks.

Kaitlyn eats her sandwich while Kendra opens her lunch box. Kendra unpacks a plastic container filled with lots of little boxes. Each box has a fruit or vegetable inside, so none of them are touching.

“Hey, I like your little lunch boxes,” Kaitlyn says, smiling at Kendra.

Kendra just says “thank you.”

Doesn’t she want to talk to me? Kaitlyn wonders. She decides to try again.

“Oh! I love snap peas! Want to trade some for my carrot sticks?”

“No.” Kendra says, reaching for her grapes.

“Oh. Why not?”

“Because. I don’t share food with anybody,” Kendra says loudly.

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