Creative Ninjas

by Jenny Randle

We’re ALL creative ninjas. Being a creative ninja means you’re really, really good at making real or pretend stuff. And I’m on a mission to help people karate-chop through the things that get in their way, so they can have great ideas and come up with cool things.

Are you using your creative ninja skills? It’s time to find out!

Did you make any of these things today?

  • A snack
  • A story
  • A new joke
  • A blanket fort
  • A lemonade stand
  • An imaginary land
  • A paper airplane

Know Your Story

  1. God is the ultimate Creator. The first words of the Bible say, “God created…” Genesis 1:1. God made the earth, sky, animals, and a whole bunch of other stuff too.
  2. God made people. That includes you!
  3. You were made in God’s image. God made you to be like Him. He makes stuff, so you can make stuff, too! When you make cool new things, it honors God and shows other people what He’s like.

Ready to Test Your Creating Skills?

First, let’s chop through anything that’s holding you back. Did your friend tell you that you couldn’t draw? Did you give up on your pillow fort because it kept falling on your head? Did you stop writing because you didn’t know how to spell stuff? Pray and ask God to help you let go of those things that are keeping you from creating. Ask Him to help you honor Him with your ideas.


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Jenny Randle is an award-winning creative ninja, nationally sought-after speaker, and author of Courageous Creative. She also loves a good freestyle rap with her husband and kids. Go to to learn more about Jenny!

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