Being Unstoppable with Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton does not play it safe. She is known around the world for her amazing surfing skills and for the shark attack that changed her life. Today, Bethany continues to surf and inspire people around the world. Check out our interview with Bethany to hear more!

Sb: Hi Bethany! It’s so great to meet you! Let’s start by introducing you to our readers who may not know your story.

Bethany: Sure! When I was 13 years old, a tiger shark attacked me while I was surfing. I lost my left arm, and I thought I was done surfing. But I held on to my dream, and was back in the water in a month. Two years later I won a National title in surfing. I’ve been surfing ever since.

Sb: How did you face your fears and get back on a surfboard?

Bethany: It was hard, and I couldn’t have done it alone. But God had a plan for my story. I met a man named Mike while I was in the hospital, and he told me about how he still surfed even though he lost his leg to a shark. His story inspired me, because if Mike could surf with only one leg, then maybe I could surf with only one arm, too.

My dad also helped me re-learn how to surf. He even made a special handle for my surfboard so I could paddle out easier. I’m very thankful I didn’t let my fears guide my decision to try surfing again. God surprised me and gave me this awesome opportunity to do what I love and inspire people around the world with my story.


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Photo courtesy of Harper Collins Publishing

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