Be Unstoppable with Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is no regular surfer. When she was 13, a shark attacked her and she lost her left arm. But that didn’t stop her. Bethany was brave and went back in the water. She learned how to surf with only one arm. It was hard, but Bethany trusted God had a plan. Today, Bethany is famous for her surfing skills. Her story continues to help people around the world.

Check out our chat with Bethany below!

Sparkle: Hi Bethany! It’s so great to meet you! Tell me—how did you feel brave enough to get back on a surfboard?

Bethany: I didn’t do it alone. First I met a man named Mike while I was in the hospital. He told me about how he still surfed even though he lost his leg to a shark. His story helped me a lot. I felt like if he could still surf, then I could, too. My dad was also a big help. He made a special handle for my surfboard. He helped me re-learn how to surf. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Sparkle: I’m sure a lot of our girls are wondering…what is like to be famous?

Bethany: To be honest, it was really hard at first. I didn’t like talking to strangers. I just wanted to surf. But I learned that God wanted to use my story to help others and honor Him. And even though it was painful, losing my arm was worth it if it means I can bring hope to others.


Hear more from Bethany in you May/June issue of Sparkle Magazine!


Photo courtesy of Mike Coots

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