Peanut Butter and Jelly

Why are peanut butter and jelly so good together? It’s all about taste! Peanut butter is salty. Jelly is sweet. Together, they’re a great match!

Give your taste buds a party and try some of the weird food combos below. Some of them might sound gross, but they’re better than you’d think.

Cheese + Apple Pie
Salty, rich cheese and sweet apple pie are very yummy together.

Avocado + Chocolate
Together, the avocado makes the chocolate taste even more chocolatey! Try an avocado chocolate milkshake for a great treat.

Banana + Bacon
Rich and creamy with crispy and salty seem to make a great pair in this weird food combo. Put a banana and bacon on a sandwich and try it out for yourself!

What You Need