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Lesson Sixteen
Heart Matters – Manners Matter

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Journey Journal: Following the DVD instructions, journal this week’s God-sightings and pray through Luke 6:31.

Rate Your Manners Continued
You started this quiz at club, now answer the final four questions to see how you rate on the manners scale!

When I’m an overnight guest I...

  • Enjoy long showers and indulge in their good food.
  • Keep the bathroom neat and make my bed.
  • Dig through their personal belongings to learn more about them.

When I’m with my bother(s)/sister(s) I

  • Enter their room without knocking.
  • Only borrow with permission and then promptly return the item.
  • Look for ways to get them in trouble with our parents.

When dressing for a business-casual event I...

  • Wear whatever I feel like wearing.
  • Wear a skirt or dress slacks, a nice top, and appropriate shoes.
  • Go sloppy – that’s how almost everyone else will dress anyway.

When the phone rings I say...

  • Who is it?
  • Hello, good morning, or good evening.
  • What do you want?

Telephone Manners
When you make a call...

  • Speak clearly with a pleasant volume and tempo (not too loud, soft, fast, or slow)
  • Identify yourself, and then ask for the person with whom you want to speak.
  • Call when it’s convenient for the other person as well as yourself. Ask, “Is this a good time to talk?”
  • Be sensitive about the length of time you stay on the phone.
  • When calling elderly people, raise the volume of your voice, if necessary.
  • If you now someone has an answering machine and may not be home, think about the message you want to leave before dialing their number.

When you take a call...

  • Answer with a bright “Hello” or “The Smith residence.” A warm and pleasant tone is actually more important than the words.
  • If the call is for someone else, put the phone down and go get the person.
  • Don’t scream for them to come to the phone.
  • When the call is for someone who is not at home, ask if you may take a message. Always repeat a telephone message back to the caller, and always write it down. Place it in a prominent location and ask the recipient if they have any questions.
  • If you’re home alone and the telephone rings, don’t give out information about where your parents are or when they will be returning. Saying that someone is unavailable or unable to come to the phone is the safest way to handle calls for parents who are not at home.

Thank You Notes Etiquette
Write thank you notes when...

  • A person has shown you a kindness
  • You are given a gift
  • You are invited to a weekend trip or a special event like a concert or play
  • You receive a special favor

Thank you notes should include...

  • Sincere thanks for what you received or experienced
  • Specific thanks for why you appreciate the gift or experience
  • Appreciation for what was received and the thought behind the gift
  • A focus that’s as much on the giver as it is the gift

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