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Lesson Two
Kingdom Pursuits – Nutrition and You

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Pray each verse in color!

Journal Two

Journey Journal:Following the DVD instructions, journal this week’s God-sightings and pray through 1 Peter 2:2-3.

Check Your Cravings Quiz: Rank the following times when you’re most likely to overeat or under eat with 1 being “healthy choices” and 10 being “a overeat/under eat disaster”!

You’re stressed.
You feel lonely.
You’re worried.
You feel like you don’t fit in or belong.
You’re bored.
You feel worthless and insecure.
You feel ugly.
You did poorly on a test or during a game.
You’re sad.
You had a disagreement with a friend.
Your Score:

0 – 25: Excellent! You seem to have great nutrition habits!
26 – 50: Well done! You seem to fuel up on food because you’re truly hungry.
51 – 75: Take note! You seem to be heading to the danger zone, using food to control your hurts instead of your hunger.
76-100: Red Alert! You seem to consume or avoid snacks because of struggles that have nothing to do with food. Let food nourish your body, and God is satisfy your soul.

Your Food Pyramid Plan!
Want to know the amount of each food group you need daily? Log on to to receive a customized food guide.


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