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S’more Summer Fun!

Warm summer nights are best when there is a golden sunset and an ooey, gooey s’more! While we love a traditional milk chocolate, crispy marshmallow, and graham cracker combination, don’t get stuck in a treat rut. Try out one (or all!) of these tasty versions this summer.

Double Stuffed Mallow

Two whole Oreo cookies + marshmallow


White Lightening

Cinnamon and sugar graham cracker + white chocolate + marshmallow


White Chocolate Pineapple

Graham cracker + white chocolate + pineapple + marshmallow


The Elvis

Graham crackers + peanut butter + banana + bacon + marshmallow


Black Forest

Chocolate graham cracker + white chocolate + cherries + marshmallow


PB & J S’more

Graham Crackers + jam or jelly of your choice + peanut butter (or any nut butter!) + marshmallow

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