Annual Theme

Starter Kit

  • Be a Blessing Resource Book—1 for Grades 1-3 and 1 for Grades 4-8 (formerly Connections, Theme Resource Book, Object Lessons/Devotional Thoughts Booklet).
  • GEMS Gardens Journals (Theme Badge Booklet) 1 for Grades 1-3 and 1 for Grades 4-8
  • Theme Bulletin Insert Sample for GEMS Sunday
  • Theme Badge
  • 11 x 17 Theme Poster
  • Extra fun items: GEMS Sticky Note Booklet, Blessings Cards with suction cup, Theme Flower Pot and Pen, Theme Watercan & Seed Packet
  • Theme T-Shirt
  • Theme Song CD
  • Theme Resource DVD which includes logos, printables, letters, invites, videos, and more!

GEMS Sunday

GEMS Sunday is an opportunity for your GEMS to show your congregation all they have been learning in GEMS. It’s also an opportunity to share the mission and vision of GEMS and many churches take their annual GEMS offering during this service. We’ve designed a variety of resources to help you plan and prepare for your GEMS Sunday.


GEMS ReFresh is an online, video-driven training website for GEMS volunteers. Be encouraged and equipped as you pour into your girls each week. Engage with GEMS volunteers across the globe and learn what’s working in their clubs. Access this all anytime, from anywhere, at your convenience.