A Taste of Chongwe

Zambia needs schools.

Unemployment is high in Zambia and most live in poverty: 64% of the population lives on less than $1 per day. Child labor is a common problem in Zambia. One of the reasons that children work is that there are insufficient schools in Zambia. Children don’t have the choice of going to school and, therefore, tend to start work or become victims of child trafficking (child trafficking is when a child is sold into slavery).

Many of you have been reading about The Esther School. This is a school that GEMS Girls’ Clubs is building in Chongwe, Zambia. Right now, our amazing SHINE brightly associate editor, Amy White is working in Zambia with Stephanie vanKampen. Stephanie is a talented film maker. She is working to create a film about The Esther School. She recently compiled a bit of footage so that you can have a taste of Zambia.

“I want to give you a taste of Zambia. This video begins with GEMS girls reciting the GEMS motto – Micah 6:8 “To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God.” The video includes clips from Zambian GEMS with messages for their North American sisters. When the music changes, you’ll be introduced to the village of Chongwe. Chongwe is the future home of the Esther School – a Christian school for orphans that is being built by GEMS. I’ve also included stills of GEMS girls reading – a real priviledge. Education is so incredibly important to these children. Even with the poor state of education in the country, little girls and boys value school.”
-Stephanie vanKampen



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