Meet Kelli

Hi! I’m Kelli. I’m the managing editor at GEMS Girls’ Clubs. That means I manage and write the content that appears in both SHINE brightly and Sparkle Magazines. It’s a pretty sweet gig!

And REimagine is the place I get to connect with you! So check out my video blogs, leave comments, and let’s get to know each other!

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Summer Kabobs

Summer snacks are one of our favorites around here! Make your own tasty treats with these simple kabob re...

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What Do You Wonder? Contest Winners!

In the September issue of SHINE brightly, we asked you what you wonder about. We challenged you to thi...

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Spring Break Snaps!

Whether your spring break included traveling to warm climates or you had fun at home, we asked you to sha...

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Hard To Love

Some people are easy to love. Like the friend you always get along with or the cousins you only see once ...

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Design Your Own Shoelaces!

Did you miss this fun activity in January Sparkle? Not a problem! We have a great tutorial for you! Grab ...

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This month, SHINE brightly Magazine is all about being honest. We asked one of our friends what being ...

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Honest Actions

Pinocchio is a Disney character and his nose grows every time he tells a lie! His growing nose gets him ...

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All On Purpose

Have you ever tried to create origami? Origami is the art of using careful folds in paper to create all k...

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What Does it Mean To Be a Leader?

We asked a few of our friends what it means to be a leader and their thoughts on leadership. Here’s...

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Full Price

I love a good deal. I shop the clearance sections, sale racks, and store coupons like crazy. It’s b...

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Magnetic Welcome Board Tutorial

In February SHINE we gave you instructions to create your own magnetic welcome board! It’s a great ...

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Valentine’s Day love often looks like chocolate, cards, and flowers. It looks like class parties ...

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