Meet Kelli

Hi! I’m Kelli. I’m the managing editor at GEMS Girls’ Clubs. That means I manage and write the content that appears in both SHINE brightly and Sparkle Magazines. It’s a pretty sweet gig!

And REimagine is the place I get to connect with you! So check out my video blogs, leave comments, and let’s get to know each other!

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Under His Wings

Go outside. Find a bird to watch for a few minutes. When they take flight, notice how far their wings st...

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Micah Road Mysteries Story Challenge

Hey girls! Here at SHINE brightly we love mysteries. That’s why Chloe and Tasha are some of our b...

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Summer is a fun season. There are family vacations, trips to the beach, dips in the pool, picnics, and pl...

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Beach or Pool Trip Must-Haves

Colorful towels, coolers packed full of snacks, and Frisbees are some of my favorite things about trips t...

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The definition of mighty is something that has great and impressive power and strength. If something is m...

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Summer Travel Packing Tips

Summer is in full swing! That means vacation is officially here! Whether you’re traveling across the co...

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My Rock

Hey girls! What comes to mind when you think of rocks? Maybe things like hard, big, heavy, hard to move. ...

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He is Greater

Hey girls! I hope you’re having a great summer! While you aren’t receiving new copies of SH...

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Summer Calendars

Hey girls! Now that it’s officially summer, what plans do you have? Whether you’re hiking up ...

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Room to Grow Update

Happy Summer! A lot has happened around here since last September! Many of you have been donating to the ...

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Summer Kabobs

Summer snacks are one of our favorites around here! Make your own tasty treats with these simple kabob re...

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What Do You Wonder? Contest Winners!

In the September issue of SHINE brightly, we asked you what you wonder about. We challenged you to thi...

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