Meet Kelli

Hi! I’m Kelli. I’m the managing editor at GEMS Girls’ Clubs. That means I manage and write the content that appears in both SHINE brightly and Sparkle Magazines. It’s a pretty sweet gig!

And REimagine is the place I get to connect with you! So check out my video blogs, leave comments, and let’s get to know each other!

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Take the Awareness Pledge

It’s important to notice things, but sometimes we don’t pay attention to what really matters...

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But First, Love.

If you were to make a list of the people you’re closest to, I would imagine your friends would be p...

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Micro Mystery Challenge

Hey SHINE brightly readers! In this month’s issue of SHINE, we asked you what you wondered ab...

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Your Dime Drive Total!

Hey girls! In September 2014, we challenged you and other SHINE brightly readers to help us establish ...

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Homemade Lip Balm

Hey girls! In the September issue of SHINE brightly Magazine we show you how to make your own homemad...

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Tips for Back to School!

Hey girls! School is right around the corner (if you haven’t started yet!). Summer break went so fa...

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I Will Rescue You

Take a deep breath. Read these words. Soak them in.   Now read them again.   You are so deeply ...

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Where Will You SHINE?

Hey girls! Check out this great opportunity to be part of your next SHINE brightly Magazine!

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My Lighthouse

Hey girls! I hope you’re all having a great summer! One of my favorite parts of summer is a long ...

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Happy Independence Day, America!

Did you know the U.S. turns 238 this year? That’s pretty old! Let’s celebrate!   What is...

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Happy Canada Day!

Happy birthday, Canada! This year Canada turns 148! That’s a big birthday to celebrate! Okay Canadi...

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SHINE brightly Focus Group

Hey girls! The SHINE brightly team loves spending time with readers just like you! And yesterday we h...

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